How Our Culture Undermines the Family

In this impassioned book, Dana Mack exposes a disturbing aspect of American society. Embedded in the very institutions that are supposed to be helping parents in the difficult enterprise of childrearing is a pronounced anti-family bent. Despite the fuss over “family values,” Mack argues, we’re living in an increasingly family hating culture that offers little respect or support for parents – that in fact undermines their efforts at a time when they are working harder than ever to raise their children right. Parental autonomy has been supplanted by the tyranny of so-called experts in psychology, education, law, and social science. Under their sway, the very institutions that could help parents to shore up their embattled authority – schools, courts, social service agencies, even religious institutions – actively thwart them instead.

“A passionate cri de coeur, “The Assault on Parenthood” will generate debate and deepen our consideration of a whole range of controversial questions, but Mack’s overall thesis – that American culture has become profoundly unfriendly to parent and children, our syrupy nostrums and outraged protestations to the contrary notwithstanding – seems to me beyond dispute. The question now is what do we do about it in a way that is both fair and forthright,” Jean Betghke Elshtain, author of “Democracy on Trail.”

“In this devastating critique of contemporary culture, Dana Mack shows how we have waged a veritable war against moms and dads. Essential reading for anyone concerned with the well-being of America’s children,” Sylvia Ann Hewlett, President of “The National Parenting Association,” economist and author.