About Dana

Dana Mack is proud to announce the publication of her first work of fiction, All Things That Deserve To Perish: A Novel of Wilhelmine Germany.

Ms. Mack is the author of two non-fiction books: The Assault on Parenhood: How Our Culture Undermines the Family (Simon & Schuster) and The Book of Marriage: The Wisest Answers to the Toughest Questions(Eerdmans). An historian, journalist and musician, Ms. Mack’s articles on music, history, culture, family issues, and education have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Commentary Magazine, the Christian Science Monitor, the New Criterion, the Washington Post, USA Today, and many other publications.

Trained as a classical pianist, Dana is the granddaughter of the famed violin virtuoso Mischa Elman. A fourth generation San Franciscan on three sides, she holds an undergraduate degree in Music from the University of California at Berkeley and a graduate degree in East Central European History from Columbia University. She currently lives with her husband in Fairfield County, Connecticut, where she has an active piano studio.

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All Things That Deserve To Perish Audio Book

Dear Reader, Thanks so much for coming to my website.  If this is your first time, make sure to peruse and enjoy the photographs, visual art, and music! I am very excited to announce that All Things That Deserve To Perish will be out in audio book format on a variety of...

Hello & Welcome

Dear Reader! Welcome to my website.  If you found your way here, either you are reading or are interested in reading All Things That Deserve to Perish.  I thank you heartily for your interest, and I hope that that the pages of this website give you some new windows into the story I wrote ...