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Welcome to my website.  If you found your way here, either you are reading or are interested in reading All Things That Deserve to Perish.  I thank you heartily for your interest, and I hope that that the pages of this website give you some new windows into the story I wrote  –both in terms of its literary and artistic inspirations and in terms of its historical context.

My past books, non-fiction. were published by trade publishers.  As trade books, their releases enjoyed the advantage of all the conventional supports of the publishing industry, including publicity teams and reviews in major media outlets.    All Things That Deserve To Perish, as a self-published novel, will have to find its way to the public more directly through its readers and through social media.  So if you decide to read the book, please take some time to review or rate it on Amazon and Goodreads when you’ve finished.  Or write about it on your favorite social media site.  And if you liked the book a lot, be sure to pass your copy on to a friend or relative, or buy it as a gift for someone you think will also enjoy it.

Self-publishing is a steep learning curve, and while it no longer holds the stigma of old-time “vanity” publishing, it is not to be recommended for the lazy or the faint of heart.    Getting an “indie”  manuscript critiqued,  edited, copyrighted, designed, proofed, and into the hands of pre-publication reviewers is a daunting task.  But the results, when an author is satisfied with them, are immensely gratifying. Everything about All Things That Deserve To Perish was under my control — from the story and writing style to the title and book cover.  That is not to say that I did not solicit advice from professionals. No one can do this alone.  But I was never strong-armed into decisions.   And that means my novel is my own baby in a way that a trade book could never be.

Indeed, All Things That Deserve To Perish is now happily birthed into the world as my newest brainchild.   I hope you will give it the chance I think it deserves, and that you will find it an immersive read.  Its critical reception, both from professional reviewers and from readers has been very positive — better than I could have dared to hope.  In fact, the question that I get most from my readers is whether there will be a sequel!

The answer to that question is “Yes!”   I am working on the sequel presently.  So if you like this website, stay tuned to its blog, because I will be blogging about the sequel as I work.  Also, I will be alerting readers every so often of publicity events and exposure (written interviews/podcasts/public appearances) relating to the first book that I think might interest them.

Happy Reading!  ☺

Dana Mack

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